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Art Moulu, 1990 - Art Moulu

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Style: RIO / Avant-Prog
Country: France
Format: mp3 /320 kbps
Size: 126 Mb

1. Les Reines Du Porno. 8:16
2. Temps Perdu. 4:13
3. Méat Coule Pas. 5:17
4. Des Galets Sur La Croisette. 4:58
5. Chanson Pour Le Travail. 5:53
6. Ritsos. 7:30
7. Claustrophilie. 3:46
8. Croisière en Galère. 4:04
9. Le Parolier Et La Part Au Lion. 6:20
10. L'Homme Fort. 5:20
Total Time: 55:59
Jo Thirion: claviers, chant
Jean-François Welter: batterie
Olivier Masson: saxs, effets, voix, aspirateur
Maurice Ott: chant
Art Moulu biography:
ART MOULU TREFIN was formed in Grenoble, France in 1983, later they shortened their name to ART MOULU. The leader of the band was sax player Olivier Masson. At the time the band was made up of Masson on sax, Jean Francois Welter on drums, Maurice Ott on vocals, and Luc Felman and Richard Antez on percussion. Between their inception and 1988, the band gave several concerts in Grenoble and Switzerland. In 1985 the band recorded their first tape and in May of that same year they played at the Festival Hors Gabarit in Neuchatel. Still under the name ART MOULU TREFIN, in 1986 they released the track C'est bon la viande! on the Re Records Quarterly Vol.1 No.4 compilation, and in 1987 the track Ayayaie Moment was featured on the Douze Pour Un Vol. 2 compilation LP released by the Ayaa Records label. In 1989 ex ETRON FOU LELOUBLAN keyboard player Jo Thirion joined the band, and in 1990 they released their only, eponymous CD on the Italian label Osto Records. The disk folows very much in the same R.I.O. vein as EFL in terms of both sound and spirit. Chris Cutler later re-released the CD on his ReR Records label.

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