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Aranis, 2014 - Made In Belgium 2

Добавил vp_1974 25.09.2014 в 20:05
Style: Chamber Rock / RIO / Avant-Prog
Country: Belgium
Format: FLAC, tracks (no .log, no .cue)
Size: 319 Mb

1. Skip XXI. 6:19
2. Hit. 6:25
3. Intermezzo 1. 1:03
4. Tolles pferd. 4:33
5. DSK. 3:37
6. Kablamo. 3:19
7. Intermezzo II. 1:43
8. Boki II. 6:06
9. Chanoi. 2:56
10. La vague. 4:32
11. Intermezzo III. 1:15
12. Cell stress. 9:50
13. Funambul. 4:29

Total Time: 56:13

Recorded at Homerecords.be 
Mixed & mastered by Homerecords.be & Joris Vanvinckenroye

Aranis, year 2014: a Belgian band that brings something definitely off the beaten tracks! The second installment in their "Made in Belgium" series (aka MIB 2) is now on the road...and it's more captivating than a thriller! In it, a subtle blend of rejuvenated classical influences mix with (aming other things and with no specific order) a touch of drumless/ clarinetless Balkanic Klezmer- punk, a glimpse of 100% Brussels- deserts tango and a few improvised moments that manage to never really sound like "jazz"...No easy label comes to mind when it comes to describe Aranis' sound...and so its should be! A pretty unpredictable sextet...Classical? Jazz? Folk? Rock?...Well, a little bit of all this...That's what you'll taste in the Aranis pizza! So, why wouldn't you treat your ears and get a slice of it? With real chunks of Peter Vermeersch (FES), Koen Van Roy (Cro Magnon), Walter Hus (Maximalist!), Ananta Roosens (La sieste du dromadaire), Aurelie Dorzee (Aurelia) and many others...

Источник (релизер): bandcamp.com / homerecords.be

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