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Ananda Shankar, 1977 - Missing You-A Musical Discovery of India

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Style: Raga Rock / Fusion
Country: India
Format: FLAC
Size: 289 Mb

Tracks Listing:
01 Missing You
02 Lonely
03 Dreams Forever
04 I Remember
05 Togetherness
06 Baba
07 Almora
08 Namaskar
09 The Hill Train
10 Kaziranga Beat
11 Akbar's Jewels
12 Brindavan Revel
13 Dawn At Varanasi
14 Discovery Of India

Line Up:
Arranged By – Dilip Roy
Composed By – Ananda Shankar

Notes"I dedicate this record to my dear father - Uday Shankar. The compositions have been carefully selected with him in mind. Each piece brings back memories of our life together.

I remember his lean, graceful, handsome person
and his most expressive eyes.

I remember Wathing him practice, hour after hour,
till the perfectionist that he was,
was fully satisfied. This quality was
apparent in every thing he did.

I remember his simple modest, friendly manner;
always having a smile and a word for
everyone - whether it be his co-dancers
or the man on the street.

I remember his encouragement and advice - "Give
the audience what they like before they
know what they like". This advice I
have tried to apply to my work.

I remember the travels, the drives together,
the laugs, the serious mements.

The world remembers Uday Shankar as the great creative and imaginative dance exponent - but to me he was just 'baba'. The void that he has left can and will never be filled.
This music conveys my feelings - Missing you."
On the back cover, by Ananda Shankar.

Original released 1977.

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Link 1 - Rusfolder

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