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A Triggering Myth, 1998 - The Sins of Our Saviors

Добавил vp_1974 06.07.2011 в 23:39
Style: Progressive Rock / Fusion
United States
Lossless / FLAC (log + cue + scans)
304 Mb

1. The Awful Truth. 7:52
    a) The Bitter Pill
    b) The Awful Truth
2. Bagliore (Glimmer). 5:11
3. His Maddening Certainty. 10:50
4. Not a River. 4:18
5. The (Ag)Nostic Gospels. 4:10
6. Stato Di Confusione Avanzata. 5::13. (State Of Advanced Confusion)
7. The Dust On Mothers Bible. 8:03
8. When Faith Transcends Reason. 2:42
9. Ken Who? 1:48

Total Time: 50:07

Tim Drumheller: keyboards, programming, production, assorted sundry instruments
Rick Eddy: keyboards, all guitars, assorted sundry instruments, titles, poetry

Moe Vfushateel: drums
Alberto Piras: vocals extrodinaire
Alessandro Bonetti: violin

Review Album:
A really original band that suffers no comparison, except maybe in their approach that one needs to be accustomed with before entering the puzzle drawn from their unique composition skills. Still, the very midi sounding arrangements that builds up the whole atmosphere of this album can represent an obstacle, as it is to me. But in the end, repeated listening do help to go beyond that poor esthetic point of view only. Besides, Alessandro Bonetti, Deus Ex Machina's violonist, gives warmth and depth to the few songs in wich he plays. I'm personally less convinced by Alberto Piras' gymnastics - but that's part of the Deus Ex Machina controversy. "The Sins Of Our Saviours" is indeed a very demanding album, but if i can measure and appreciate both the strong personality and the hard work of Tim Drumheller and Rick Eddy, i'm just confused at not being touched "that" much by their music.

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