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Steve Baron, 1973 - A Wanderer Like You [LP]

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Style: Classic Rock / Folk Rock
United Kingdom
233 Mb

Artwork Included

Tracks Listing:
A1 I'm A Wanderer Like You 3:04
A2 Happiness Is Just Like Breathing Space 3:00
A3 Magic Magician 7:30
A4 Letting Go 3:27
A5 I've Thought A Little Bit 3:15
B1 Highwire 4:37
B2 There's No Place For Us In The Garden 4:23
B3 This Song's For Dancing 3:27
B4 You Were Just Dancing 4:37
B5 Everybody Wants To Get To Heaven (Still Another Version) 3:31

From the back cover:
Thank you Gary Margolis, Billy Meshel, Pete Drake and Chuck Gregory for making this recording possible with Paramount. "Nashville is good for you. It's been good for so many people I've known. Many, unlike you, were already established in their own images and traditions, and had turned to Nashville's even more solid and emotive traditions for a breath of air. Your's is a new book. The traditions run all over you and your songs like cool water. Pete's playing is inspired and childlike, your own singing obviously spurred by other beautiful voices. Something good has happened, and I am pleased. And, as always, proud that you even care what I think. Love, and good luck from us all - Pete Townshend"

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