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David Rothenberg Quartet, 2005 - Why Birds Sing

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Style: Electroacoustic / Soundscapes / Fusion
Country: United States
Format: Lossless / FLAC (log + cue + scans)
Size: 329 mb
1. Trio Menura. 4:26
2. Spheral, Spheral. 5:40
3. Beezus, Beeten, Breep. 5:51
4. Temperate Woodland. 5:15
5. Bou Bou Swell. 4:06
6. Sheer Frustration, Really. 4:43
7. Lyrebird Suite. 4:20
8. Pillow of Air. 6:59
9. White-Crested Laugh. 3:00
10. Language of Water. 8:54
11. Rhythm Migration. 5:49
12. No Water and No Rock. 4:16
Total Time: 63:20
David Rothenberg: flute, clarinet, electronics
Robert Jьrjendal, Robert Jurjendal: guitar
Michael Pestel, Richard Nunns: flute
Patrick Donahue: tuba
John Wieczorek: percussion
Petri Kuljuntausta: electronics
David Rothenberg finds musical inspiration beyond the human world. He jams with lyrebirds and laughing thrushes, catbirds and bou bou shrikes. This recording has been five years in the making, and it involves cutting-edge musicians from all over the world mixing their sounds with the wonderful musical melodies and tones of birds. Hear the interspecies jams that set the book in motion, as Rothenberg's clarinets and Michael Pestel's flute meet a white-crested laughing thrush in the National Aviary, and a wild Australian lyrebird named George in his rainforest home. These pieces are live interactions betweeen humans and birds, and the music lies somewhere along the uncharted flyways of evolution. Back in the studio a stretched-out hermit thrush song meets the bass clarinet, and Maori flutes, Estonian guitars, and live Finnish electronics meet catbirds, starlings, skylarks, and waves.

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