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Blue Cranes, 2013 - Swim

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Style: Fusion / Contemporary Jazz / Jazz-Rock
Country: United States
Format: FLAC, tracks (no .log + no .cue)
Size: 294 Mb

1. Beautiful Winners. 3:27
2. Everything Is Going To Be Okay. 5:42
3. Cass Corridor. 3:55
4. Polarnatt. 5:59
5. Great Dane Small Horse. 6:18
6. Soldier. 5:50
7. For Chris. 2:49
8. Painted Birds. 8:58
9. Goldfinches. 6:42
10. Corporal's Lament. 6:25

Total Time: 49:44

Reed Wallsmith: alto saxophone 
Joe Cunningham: tenor saxophone 
Rebecca Sanborn: keyboards 
Keith Brush: bass 
Ji Tanzer: drums 

Additional musicians: 
Eyvind Kang: viola (2,5)
Patti King: violin (2,3,5,6,8)
Kyleen King: viola (2,3,5,6,8)
Anna Fritz: cello (2,3,5,6,8)
Nick Sweet: trombone (7)
Noah Bernstein: alto saxophone (3,7)
Chad Hensel: bass clarinet (3,7)
Gus Baum: trumpet (3)
Steve Berlin: baritone saxophone (3)
Patrick Finley: trombone (3)
 Cooper McBean: saw (9); 
Jessica Cooke: Rhodes (9)
Kevin DeMarco: guitar (9)
Sam Howard: acoustic bass (9)
Eric Redpath: drums (9)

All songs published by Lift Music Flown Music (BMI), except "Corporal's Lament" published by Stonk13 (ASCAP). 
Recorded at Jackpot! (Portland, Oregon) by Kendra Lynn, Type Foundry (Portland, Oregon) by Jason Powers, and Licorice Labs (Davis, California) by Cooper McBean. 
Mixed by Gregg Williams, except "Corporal's Lament" mixed by Kendra Lynn. 
Mastering and vinyl lacquer cut by Gus Elg at Sky Onion, except "Corporal's Lament" mastered by Garrett Haines at Treelady Studios.
Produced by The Decemberists' Nate Query. 
Released on Cuneiform Records (Silver Springs, MD). 

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