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佐藤允彦 & サウンド・ブレイカーズ, 1971 ‎– Amalgamation 恍惚の昭和元禄

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Style: Free Jazz / Psychedelic Rock / Avant Garde
Country: Japan
Format: FLAC
Size: 243 Mb

Artwork Included

Tracks Listing:
Amalgamation Part 1
A1 Destructive Creation
A2 The Atomic-Bomb Was Not Fallen
A3 The Last Voyage
A4 Thirteen Steps To Heaven
A5 All Quiet On The Far East Front
A6 Sole Imposter
A7 Macrocosmos
A8 A White Dove In Disguise
A9 Will It Be True
A10 Or Not

Amalgamation Part 2
B1 Ancient Tales Of The Days To Come
B2 Hear Me, Talikn To Ya
B3 Le D'Ecouverte De L'Homme
B4 Holly Barbarian
B5 Voce Plena E Naturale
B6 Dedicated To Mr. John Bull
B7 Shinjuku Maturi
B8 Agony And Extacy

Line Up: 
Acoustic Guitar – 沢田しゅん吾* (Part 1)
Bass Trombone – Jochen Staudt (Part 1)
Conductor [Strings] – Daniel Lehmann (Part 1)
Drums – Louis Haynes (Part 1)
Drums, Percussion – 豊住芳三郎* (Part 2)
Electric Bass – 寺川正興* (Part 1)
Electric Guitar – 水谷公生* (Part 1)
Organ [Hammond] – 柳田ヒロ* (Part 1)
Organ [Hammond], Percussion [Latin] – 佐藤允彦* (Part 2)
Percussion [Latin], Drums [Wadaiko], Voice – 桜井英顕* (Part 2)
Scat – 伊集加代子* (Part 2)
Strings – Wehnne Strings Consort (Part 1)
Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, Woodwind – 高木元輝* (Part 2)
Trombone – D.D. Dickson (Part 1)
Trumpet – Jackie Heimann, Peter Davis  (Part 1)
Voice [いい少年b] – 大隈重信* (Part 1)
Voice [非行少年a] – Adolf Hitler  (Part 1)
Password: music

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