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Brian Eno, 1975 - Another Green World [LP]

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Style: Progressive Electronic / Prog Related
Country: United Kingdom
Format: WAV
Size: 436 Mb

Artwork Included

Original UK LP Island Records ‎– ILPS 9351

Tracks Listing & Line Up:

A1 Sky Saw 3:27
Bass [Anchor] – Paul Rudolph
Bass [Fretless] – Percy Jones
Drums – Phil Collins
Electric Piano [Rhodes] – Rod Melvin
Guitar [Snake], Guitar [Digital] – Brian Eno
Viola – John Cale

A2 Over Fire Island 1:51
Bass [Fretless] – Percy Jones
Drums – Phil Collins
Synthesizer, Guitar, Tape – Brian Eno

A3 St. Elmo's Fire 3:01
Guitar – Robert Fripp
Organ, Piano, Effects [Yamaha Bass Pedals], Percussion [Synthetic], Guitar [Desert] – Brian Eno

A4 In Dark Trees 2:32
Guitar, Synthesizer, Percussion [Electric], Effects [Treated Rhythm Generator] – Brian Eno

A5 The Big Ship 2:37
Synthesizer, Percussion [Synthetic], Effects [Treated Rhythm Generator] – Brian Eno

A6 I'll Come Running 3:50
Bass, Percussion [Snare Drum] – Paul Rudolph
Guitar – Robert FrippGuitar [Castanet], Piano [Chord], Synthesizer, Percussion [Synthetic] – Brian Eno
Piano – Rod Melvin

A7 Another Green World 1:42
Guitar [Desert], Organ [Farfisa], Piano – Brian Eno

B1 Sombre Reptiles 2:23
Organ [Hammond], Guitar, Percussion [Synthetic], Percussion [Peruvian], Other [Electric Elements], Sounds [Unnatural] – Brian Eno

B2 Little Fishes 1:32
Piano [Prepared], Organ [Farfisa] – Brian Eno

B3 Golden Hours 4:00
Guitar – Robert Fripp
Organ [Choppy], Percussion [Spasmodic], Guitar [Club], Piano [Uncertain] – Brian Eno
Viola – John Cale

B4 Becalmed 3:55
Synthesizer, Piano [Leslie] – Brian Eno

B5 Zawinul/Lava 2:56
Bass [Fretless] – Percy Jones
Electric Piano [Rhodes] – Rod Melvin
Grand Piano, Synthesizer, Organ, Tape – Brian Eno
Guitar – Paul Rudolph
Percussion – Phil Collins

B6 Everything Merges With The Night 4:03
Bass, Piano – Brian Turrington
Guitar – Brian Eno

B7 Spirits Drifting 2:47
Bass, Organ, Synthesizer – Brian Eno

Composed By – Brian Eno
Engineer – Rhett Davies
Engineer [Assitant] – Bari Sage*, Guy Bidmead, Robert Ash
Painting [Cover] – Tom Phillips
Photography By [Back Cover] – Ritva Saarikko
Producer – Brian Eno, Rhett Davies
Typography – Bob Bowkett

The cover is a detail from "After Raphael" by Tom Philips.
Blue-rim Island label.
Island Black Inner sleeve.
Password: music

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