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Philip Lynott,1980 - Solo in Soho

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Style: Hard Rock
Country: Ireland
Format: FLAC
235 Mb

Tracks Listing:

1. Dear Miss Lonely Hearts
2. Kings Call
3. A Childs Lullaby
4. Tattoo (Giving It All Up For Love)
5. Solo In Soho
6. Girls
7. Yellow Pearl
8. Ode To A Blackman
9. Jamaican Rum
10. Talk In 79

Guest musicians:
Brian Downey - Drums, percussion
Scott Gorham - guitar on "Dear Miss Lonely Hearts," "Tattoo (Giving It All Up for Love)," and "Ode to a Black Man"
Snowy White - guitar on "Dear Miss Lonely Hears" and "Solo in Soho"
Mark Knopfler - guitar on "King's Call"
Fiachra Trench - strings on "A Child's Lullaby" and "Tattoo (Giving It All Up
for Love)"
Andy Duncan - percussion on "A Child's Lullaby" and "Solo in Soho"
Jerome Rimson - bass on "Solo in Soho"
Julia - backing vocals on "Solo in Soho"
Jimmy Bain - piano, sythesizer, mini Moog, string machine on "Girls"
Billy Curie - ARP synthesizer on "Girls"
Bob Benberg - drums, percussion on "Girls"
Lena - backing vocals on "Girls" and "Yellow Pearl"
Sophie, Margi, Silver, & Christine - backing vocals on "Girls"
Midge Ure - ARP synthesizer, mini Moog, string machine on "Yellow Pearl"
Gary Moore - guitar on "Jamaican Rum"
Tony Charles - steel drum on "Jamaican Rum"

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