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Ian & Sylvia, 2001 ‎– The Complete Vanguard Studio Recordings (4CD)

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Style: Folk / Folk Rock
Country: Canada
Format: FLAC
Size: 401 + 403 + 446 + 283 + 8 Mb

Artwork included

Songs / Tracks Listing
CD1-1 Rocks And Gravel
CD1-2 Old Blue
CD1-3 C.C. Rider
CD1-4 Un Canadien Errant
CD1-5 Handsome Molly
CD1-6 Mary Anne
CD1-7 Pride of Petrovar
CD1-8 Makes a Long Time Man Feel Bad
CD1-9 Rambler Gambler
CD1-10 Down By the Willow Garden
CD1-11 Got No More Home Than a Dog
CD1-12 When First Unto This Country
CD1-13 Live A-Humble
CD1-14 Jesus Met the Woman At the Well
CD1-15 Tomorrow is a Long Time
CD1-16 Katy Dear
CD1-17 Poor Lazarus
CD1-18 Four Strong Winds
CD1-19 Ella Speed
CD1-20 Long Lonesome Road
CD1-21 V'la L'bon Vent
CD1-22 Royal Canal
CD1-23 Lady of Carlisle
CD1-24 Spanish Is A Loving Tongue
CD1-25 The Greenwood Sidie
CD1-26 Every Night When the Sun Goes Down
CD2-1 You Were On My Mind
CD2-2 Moonshine Can
CD2-3 The Jealous Lover
CD2-4 Four Rode By
CD2-5 Brave Wolfe
CD2-6 Nova Scotia Farewell
CD2-7 Some Day Soon
CD2-8 Little Beggarman
CD2-9 Texas Rangers
CD2-10 The Ghost Lover
CD2-11 Captain Woodstock's Courtship
CD2-12 Green Valley
CD2-13 Swing Down, Chariot
CD2-14 Come In, Stranger
CD2-15 Early Morning Rain
CD2-16 Nancy Whisky
CD2-17 Awake Ye Drowsy Sleepers
CD2-18 Marlborough Street Blues
CD2-19 Darcy Farrow
CD2-20 Travelling Drummer
CD2-21 Maude's Blues
CD2-22 Red Velvet
CD2-23 I'll Bid My Heart Be Still
CD2-24 For Lovin' Me
CD2-25 Song For Canada
CD3-1 Short Grass
CD3-2 The French Girl
CD3-3 When I Was a Cowboy
CD3-4 Changes
CD3-5 Gifts Are For Giving
CD3-6 Molly and Tenbrooks
CD3-7 Hey, What About Me
CD3-8 Lonely Girls
CD3-9 Satisfied Mind
CD3-10 Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa
CD3-11 Friends of Mine
CD3-12 Play One More
CD3-13 Circle Game
CD3-14 So Much For Dreaming
CD3-15 Wild Geese
CD3-16 Child Apart
CD3-17 Summer Wages
CD3-18 Hold Tight
CD3-19 Cutty Wren
CD3-20 Si Les Bateux
CD3-21 Catfish Blues
CD3-22 Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies
CD3-23 January Morning
CD3-24 Grey Morning
CD4-1 The Mighty Quinn
CD4-2 Wheels on Fire
CD4-3 Farewell to the North
CD4-4 Taking Care of Business
CD4-5 Southern Comfort
CD4-6 Ballad of the Ugly Man
CD4-7 90 X 90
CD4-8 She'll Be Gone
CD4-9 London Life
CD4-10 The Renegade
CD4-11 House of Cards
CD4-12 Every Time I Feel the Spirit
CD4-13 Keep on the Sunny Side
CD4-14 Rocks and Gravel
CD4-15 Je T'aime Marielle

90 tracks covering the entire recordings - 7 albums plus rarities - from Canadian duo Ian and Sylvia, including folk traditionals, covers of Bob Dylan and Phil Ochs, self-penned material etc.
Housed in chunky jewel case, with very substantial booklet of sleeve notes and photos, within outer slipcase.

Password: music

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