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Barefoot Jerry, 1971 - Southern Delight & 1972 - Barefoot Jerry

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Style: Country Rock / Southern Rock
Country: United States
Format: Lossless / Ape
Size: 515 Mb

Artwork Included

Tracks Listing:
1. Hospitality Song     
2. I'm Proud To Be A Redneck     
3. Smokies     
4. Quit While You're A Head (Songs Of Sensible Compromise)     
5. Blood Is Not The Answer     
6. Come To Me Tonight     
7. Finishing Touches     
8. The Minstrel Is Free At Last     
9. Nobody Knows     
10. That's OK, He'll Be Your Brother Someday     
11. Castle Rock     
12. One Woman     
13. In God We Trust     
14. Message     
15. Friends     
16. Snuff Queen     
17. Little Maggie     
18. Warm     
19. Fish'N'Tits     
20. Ain't It Nice In Here     
21. Ebenezer

Line Up:
Tracks 1-10
Mac Gayden: guitar
John Harris: keyboards
Kenneth Buttrey: drums
Wayne Moss: bass

Tracks 11-21
Wayne Moss: guitar and bass
John Harris: keyboards
Russ Hicks: pedal steel
Kenny Malone: drums and percussion

The Goodlettsville String Sextet
Buddy Spicher, Russ Hicks, Wayne Moss, John Harris

The Hendersonville Horns'
Russ Hicks, John Harris, John Moss, Wayne Moss
Aunt Lucy: iced tea goodies
Dan Flickenger and Tom Knox: mini moog
Password: music

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