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The Residents, 2004 - 12 Days of Brumalia

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Style: Neo-Psychodely / RIO / Avant-Prog
Country: United States
Format: MP3 / CBR, 320 kbps
Size: 87.7 MB

1. Day 1: Calling Bird. 4:27
2. Day 2: Turtle Dove. 2:52
3. Day 3: Chicken of the Oui. 2:11
4. Day 4: Calling Bird. 2:59
5. Day 5: Gold Ring. 2:19
6. Day 6: Lying Goose. 1:53
7. Day 7: Swami Swan. 2:09
8. Day 8: Maid Being Milked. 3:36
9. Day 9: Wiggling Wahines. 2:02
10. Day 10: Leaping and Lords. 2:51
11. Day 11: Piet+ГTа Piper. 2:52
12. Day 12: Big Hand. 2:29
13. The Feast of Epiphany. 5:39

Total Time: 38:10

The Residents: everything

Album Review:
I recently heard this album and, to be fare, I have to say that it is a 4,5 stars item (but that doesn't exist here). This album contains very ambitious levels of almost pure electronic composition. I say "Ambitious" because of the intrincated nature of them. While listening to it, it is easy for me to imagine this sounds into a very futuristic radio broadcast. This time, The Residents decided not to repite themselves by unfolding yet another resurrection of their "style" (like they did on Animal Lover, a good album, but not an innovative one), or bother the listener by talking all over the album with absolutely no rythm (God in three persons; I kind of hate that album because of how incredibly boring is the constant voice-over work). Instead, they create an almost entirely instrumental album, abundant on details for the listener. It is a very hard piece to listen to, and fulfills the need (for those who likes them) of a well developed Residents album. Nothing is simple on any of the "songs", multiple layers of melodies and sounds simply drives every song as far as possible from the point of origin, resulting into mutated tracks and a record in wich nothing is predictible. It maybe risky to say this, but on this release, The Residents have top themselves. Off course, absolutely recommendable for electronic experimentation fans. As far as I know, is one of the best Residents album I've heard. About track 8, you loose your mind a bit...

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