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The Mop Collective, 2009 - Matilda

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Style: Progressive Rock
Country: United Kingdom
Format: MP3 / 320 kbps
Size: 158 mb

1. Matilda. 4:09
2. Dawn. 4:56
3. Loose Ends And Library Books. 8:10
4. In The Blizzard. 5:04
5. Myrrhmaids. 4:55
6. The Garden. 5:45
7. Delusions Of Grandeur. 6:29
8. Crow. 9:02
9. Dawn (Live in London). 4:38
10. The Garden (Live in London). 5:08
11. Crow (Live in London). 8:19

Joe Inkpen: Guitars, bass, keyboards, sequencing, sleighbells 
Tori Hamel-Cooke: Vocals 
Max Bresnahan: Piano on 1 and 8 (outro) 
Ethan Maltby: Marimba on 1 
Phil Gosnell: Drums on 1, 2 and 6 
Sam Bailey: Piano on 3 and 7 
Fred Rother: Drum samples, drum solo on 8 
James Dean: Guitar solo on 3 

Bonus tracks recorded live at The Purple Turtle, London 2010 
Sextet II:
Joe Inkpen: Guitar 
Tori Hamel-Cooke: Vocal 
Patrick Tolliday: Guitar 
Marcus Chapman: Keyboard 
Sean Hammond: Bass 
Christos Peonides: Drums 

Music and lyrics by Joe Inkpen, 2008-9 

released 06 January 2009 
Mixed and mastered by Joe Inkpen, 2014 

Matilda is a concept album I wrote in 2008-9, recorded in various bedrooms, front rooms and practise rooms, comprising of 8 tracks that form a story accompanied by artworks (included). This is a re-mix and master from the old files. 
Included are 3 bonus live tracks (additional thanks to Curig Jervis for suggesting the idea), recorded at The Purple Turtle in London, 2010.

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