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Seven Impale, 2016 - Contrapasso

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Style: Eclectic Prog
Country: Norway
Format: FLAC, tracks (log + cue + scans)
Size: 490 Mb 

1. Lemma. 8:59
2. Heresy. 7:16
3. Inertia. 9:09
4. Languor. 7:39
5. Ascension. 1:37
6. Convulsion. 5:05
7. Helix. 9:16
8. Serpentstone. 7:20
9. Phoenix. 11:14

Total Time: 67:39

- Tormod Fosso / bass, cello & additional guitars
- Erland Vottvik Olsen / rythm guitar, vocals
- Benjamin Mekki Wideroe / tenor saxophone, vocals, akai ew/midiflute
- Stan Okland / vocals & lead guitar
- Hakon Vinje / keyboards & vocals
- Fredrik Mekki Wideroe / drums, percussion, banjo, additional guitars & vocals
- James and Jessica Harrison / voice actors on (9)

All songs and lyrics by Seven Impale and Iver Sandoy
Production, mix, and additional instruments by Iver Sandoy
Mastering by Iver Sandoy and Jorgen Traeen

Recorded at Solslottet Studio, Bergen.

2016 Karisma Records (KAR117) / (Norway)

released September 16, 2016

"Contrapasso" consists of nine highly varied and complex tracks expanding upon the unique sound Seven Impale started investigating on "City of the Sun", but..... they've gone much further this time. On "Contrapasso" you find a band thar are more daring, experimental and complex. Again, they touch upon the harder soundscapes as well as including more catchy and upbeat tracks, but on this album everything goes one step further. Visiting places where no band has been before, with "Contrapasso" Seven Impale pay no heed to genre boundaries. 

Melding melody, experimentation, dramatics, atmosphere and contrasting rythms, with "Contrapasso", Seven Impale has created an essential album for any fan of progressive rock!

Short preview (64 Kbps):

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