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Regal Worm, 2014 - Neither Use Nor Ornament (A Small Collection Of Big Suites)

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Style: Progressive Rock
Country: United Kingdom
Format: FLAC
Size: 286 Mb

1. Odilon Escapes From The Charcoal Oblivion, But Endeavours To Return And Rescue The Cactus Men. 18:38
i. Another Forlorn Morn 
ii. You Know What? I'm Getting Out Of Here 
iii. Arrival Of Sorts 
iv. Paradise Is Twice As Nice 
v. End Of Level Baddie 
vi. Prism Prison 
2. Animal Attic. 2:58
3. Tombland Guerrilla. 1:21
4. Sovereign Of The Skies. 4:56
5. The King Of Sleep (Parts 1 to 5). 18:34

Total Time: 46:29

Jarrod Gosling: Mellotron M400, RMI 368 electra piano, Octave Kitten, Minimax ASB, ARP 2600, Hammond L122, Hammond T500, Fender Rhodes piano, Philips Philicorda AG-755 organ, Korg MS20, EDP Wasp Deluxe, Kawai S100, piano, bass guitar, voice, 6 and 12 string electric guitars, acoustic guitar, glockenspiels, drums, mandolin, stylophone, percussion, accordion, lap steel guitar, toy piano, recorder, bowed cymbal, field recordings 

Louis Atkinson: Tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone 
Emily Ireland: Voice 
Graham McElearney: Harp 
Kevin Pearce: Voice 
Peter Rophone: Voice, 12 string acoustic guitar, Portuguese guitarra 
Mick Somerset-Ward: Tenor saxophone, flute 

Recorded at Pig View Studio, Sheffield, England during 2013/2014. 
Mastered by Dean Honer at The Bowling Green Studio. 

Produced by Jarrod Gosling.
All tracks written, performed and recorded by Jarrod Gosling. 
Published by Copyright control. 

released 13 October 2014

Источник (релизер): bandcamp.com

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