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Kansas, 2004 - Sail On. The 30th Anniversary Collection (1974-2002)

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Style: Symphonic Prog
Country: United States
Format: AVI
Video: DivX, 512x384, 30 fps, 939 Kbps
Audio: mp3, 48 KHz, Stereo, 160 Kbps
Size: 773 Mb, 01:37:05

01. Can I Tell You ("Rock Concert" Television Show, 02/27/74)
02. Journey From Mariabronn ("Rock Concert" Television Show, 02/27/74)
03. Death Of Mother Nature Suite ("Rock Concert" Television Show, 02/27/74)
04. Icarus ("Rock Concert" Television Show, 1975)
05. The Pinnacle ("Rock Concert" Television Show, 1975)
06. Point of Know Return (Music Video)
07. Dust in the Wind (Music Video)
08. On the Other Side (Music Video)
09. People of the South Wind (Music Video)
10. Reason to Be (Music Video)
11. Away from You (Music Video)
12. Fight Fire With Fire (Music Video)
13. All I Wanted (Music Video)
14. The Preacher (Live - Device Voice Drum)
15. Miracles Out of Nowhere (Live - Device Voice Drum)
16. Carry On Wayward Son (Live - Device Voice Drum)
+hidden track: "Distant Vision" (Live 2002)

Phil Ehart - Drums
Dave Hope - Bass Guitar
Kerry Livgren - Keyboards, Guitars
Robby Steinhardt - Violins, Vocals
Steve Walsh - Keyboards, Vocals
Richard Williams - Guitars
John Elefante - Keyboards, Vocals
Billy Greer - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Steve Morse - Guitars

Guest Musicians:
London Symphony Orchestra
Larry Baird - Conductor
Reverend James Cleveland and The Southern California Community Choir - Background Vocals

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