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Barnacled, 2008 - Charles

Добавил vp_1974 04.08.2013 в 00:45
Style: RIO / Avant-Prog
Country: United States
Format: Lossless / FLAC (log + cue + scans)
Size: 230 Mb

1. Title. 5:04
2. Rattles. 6:23
3. Losing Weight Through Prayer. 6:11
4. Jennifer Plastics. 5:25
5. Three Rapid Fire Shell Divisions. 4:12
6. Language Barrier. 7:11
7. Polyurethane. 4:46
8. Simulacrum. 5:47

Total Time: 44:59

Frank Difficult: electronics, keyboard
Michael Jeffries: bass, baritone sax, modified Speak & Spell
Jason McGill: alto sax, percussion, shortwafe radio
Matt McLaren: drums, percussion
Alec K. Redfearn: accordion
Ann Schattle: horn in f
Erica Schattle: bassoon

Barnacled biography
Barnacled is an avant-jazz sound collective from the area of Providence, Rhode Island, founded/led by Jason McGill. The group has been active since sometime in 2000, playing an intense mixture of free jazz, rock, noise, and other genres, often employing a lot of improvisation in their performances. The group is comprised of Frank Difficult (electronics/keyboard), Michael Jeffries (baritone sax), Matt McLaren (drums and percussion), Alec K. Redfearn (accordion and jaw harp), Ann Schattle (horn in F), Erica Schattle (bassoon), Chris Sadlers (bass), Nicotina (guitar) and Jason McGill (alto sax). The group has several guest musicians who have played with them from time to time as well.

The band first released several albums (Live at the Hive (2001), Prison Variations (2002), Tidings (2002), Pick Some Specimens (2002), and Motherf**ker Foodeater (2002)) independently through BKRSTK (Baker St. Kollective), and in 2003 Corleone Records released their album 6. Also released in 2003 through the White Denim label was the Table No. 12 EP. Most recently, in 2009, the band released their album Charles through ESP-Disk'.

At the time being, the band is on hiatus, as McGill is very busy taking care of his family. Recording of some sort is a possibility this year, working around his schedule.

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Ronald Спам
04.08.2011 в 01:06 | материал
Вот таким я его себе и представлял! (Козёл безрогий) smile
А альбом хороший! Слава, спасибо!
vp_1974 Спам
04.08.2011 в 06:59 | материал
Надо будет еще первый закинуть )
Viktorino Спам
04.08.2011 в 23:19 | материал
Альбом ще не слухав, але обкладинка викликає стійку асоціацію з Atom Heart Mother

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