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Synco, 1993 - Reincarnation In A Superior System

Добавил Novalis 31.03.2016 в 18:11
Style: Electronic / Berlin School / New Age
Country: Germany
Format: 320 kbps
133 Mb

Track Listings:

01 Synthasia (Concert Version) (28:06)
02 Transmigration Of Souls
03 Eclipsis (Bonus Track) (5:08)

Synco, the SYNTHESIZER Cooperation, was founded in 1984 at Berlin by Frank Klare and Mirko Lüthge. They bought some expensive analog equipment from Tangerine Dream and composed music in their 80s style.

"Reincarnation In A Superior System" was originally released in 1993. This is the remastered CD edition from 2009 including one bonus track: "Eclipsis". The album features Synco's classic Berlin School music played on analog equipment like PPG - and Korg MS - Modularsystem, ARP 2600, ARP Odyssee or MiniMoog.

The concert version of "Synthasia" is one of the most powerful TD clones ever made with original former TD equipment.

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Novalis Спам
05.06.2010 в 19:48 | материал - Ответить
Synco - моё яркое электронное "открытие" 2010-го года. Музыка напоминает Tangerine Dream (причём иногда вплоть до аналоговых синтезаторов, которые в своё время использовали TD) и еще что-то таинственное, космическое, неуловимое, возможно из 80-х...


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