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Steve Coleman, 1997 - The Sign And The Seal: Transmissions Of The Metaphysics Of A Culture

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Style: Jazz Rock / Fusion
Country: United States
Format: FLAC
Size: 411 Mb

1 Diurnal Lord (For Agayú) 7:56
2 Seal (Elekotó for Agayú) 9:35
3 Passage of the River (For Oshún) 9:08
4 Oyá Natureza 4:57
5 Secretos del Abacua 11:19
6 Saudade (I Miss You) 5:11
7 The Metamorphosis of Amalia 12:31
8 Mystery of Seven: Prologue :19
9 Mystery of Seven: Guanguanco 2:53
10 Mystery of Seven: Abacua/Obatala 1:37
11 Mystery of Seven: Son 2:33
12 Mystery of Seven: Abacua/Obatala :27
13 Mystery of Seven: Montuno 4:42

Ralph Alessi Trumpet
Yosvany Terry Cabrera Sax (Tenor)
Francisco Céspedes Percussion, Vocals, Claves
Francisco Zamora Chirino Leader, Vocals, Choir, Chorus
Steve Coleman Leader, Sax (Alto),
Ravi Coltrane Sax (Tenor)
Marivaldo Dos Santos Percussion, Djembe
Roberto Vizcaino Guillot Percussion
Josh Jones Percussion, Claves
Kokayi Lyricist, Rap
Andy Milne Piano
Ramses Zamora Molina Choir, Chorus, Kata Drum
Luis Cancino Morales Percussion, Choir, Chorus, Claves
Ramon Garcia Perez Percussion, Conga, Choir, Chorus
Rosangela Silvestre Vocals, Dancer
Anthony Tidd Bass
Pedro Aballi Torriente Percussion, Conga, Choir, Chorus
Reynaldo Gobes Villamil Percussion, Conga, Choir, Chorus
Sara Gobel Villamil Choir, Chorus

Password: music

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